Pooja Bansal, MBA is the Business Officer at SELAGINE, INC. She graduated from the FORE School of Management and subsequently joined Ernst & Young as Senior Associate - Transaction Advisor. At E&Y she was responsible for deal advisory and leading transaction advisory projects involving valuations, valuation of intangibles and financial modeling across various sectors including financial services (investment banks, banks, technology distributor, commodity exchange and retail). After 5 years at E&Y, she joined Vodafone as General Manager, Finance where she was responsible for leading financial analysis in strategic projects, investor relations and stakeholder management. She led the $500 Million commercial deal for Fibre to Home (Fixed Consumer Broadband) and Strategic Decision Matrix for choice of vendor for over US $500 Million 3G and 4G deployment. She also led the cost optimization project for supply chain management. Ms. Bansal is an entrepreneur who has started her own Art-based company. At SELAGINE, INC, Ms. Bansal will direct the strategic business plans and investment initiatives.

SELAGINE Inc, 2315 W Taylor St, Ste A, Chicago, IL 60612

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